Pet Vaccinations


A Guide to Vaccines from Apple Tree Animal Clinic

Vaccines are essential for both people and animals. They protect against dangerous diseases. At Apple Tree Animal Clinic, our goal is to provide advanced and complete veterinary services to families in the Ranson, Harpers Ferry, and the surrounding communities. This includes comprehensive vaccines. We know that you may have questions about vaccinations. We are here to answer them.

What Are Vaccines For?

Vaccines are important for protecting your pet against both common and dangerous diseases. The job of vaccines is to train your pet’s immune system to recognize and combat bacteria and viruses. Vaccines are created using fragments of various diseases. Then, your immune system recognizes these fragments and develops antibodies against them. These antibodies are used to identify, target, and kill these diseases if your pet encounters them in the future. In a way, vaccines function as a practice run for your pet’s immune system.

When Should You Vaccinate Your Pets?

You should vaccine your pet according to the schedule that is provided by your veterinarian. In general, dogs and cats are going to start receiving vaccines around two months of life. Your dog or cat will receive vaccines every four weeks until sixteen to eighteen weeks of age and then once per year going forward. Finally, your pet will need to receive booster vaccines annually. These boosters are used to make sure that your pet’s immune system maintains its immunity to certain diseases. If you have questions about when these vaccines are delivered, contact us to learn more.

Why Are Vaccines Important at All Stages of Life?

Vaccines are important at all stages of life because they protect not only your pet, but other animals and people as well. As puppies and kittens, your pet’s immune system is going to be brand new. It will not have very many antibodies. Vaccines help your pet’s immune system build up its defenses.

As your pet gets older, its immunity to certain diseases may start to wane. We can use booster shots to maintain your pet’s immunity. Remember that some pets and people might not be able to receive vaccines. They depend on your pet to stay updated on its shots for their own protection.

How Apple Tree Animal Clinic Can Help You Choose Vaccines

At Apple Tree Animal Clinic, we can help you select the right vaccines for your Harpers Ferry or Ranson pet. We follow the guidance of veterinary medical organizations. Our veterinary team can take a look at your pet’s overall health and recommend vaccines that are both safe and effective. If you would like to learn more about vaccinations for your pet, please give us a call today at (304) 725-8840. We are here to take care of every pet who comes to see us.